Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is still alive with Gamescom gameplay teaser

Publisher EA will be delivering a full-length gameplay trailer for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst during their 2015 Gamescom conference.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, the follow-up title to EA DICE’s 2008 first-person parkour platformer, Mirror’s Edge, will see its first gameplay trailer later this week. In conjunction with their announcement, publisher EA released a short teaser trailer today showcasing the night-time skyline of the city, Glass.

Judging from the short teaser, EA DICE is maintaining the signature vibrant aesthetic of the original game albeit with improved visuals. Check out the short, but sweet trailer below:


From our brief glimpse into the city of Glass, we can see the original game’s free-running gameplay is still present in its successor. As a fan of the original game, I can’t wait to jump back into the parkour traversal which made Mirror’s Edge so memorable. It’s exciting to finally see our first solid look at the gameplay following the announcement trailer released by EA at this year’s E3 conference.

EA will most likely show off the full-length gameplay trailer during their Gamescom conference kicking off at 12:30 AM PDT/8:30 AM on August 5th in Germany. Gamers will be able to step back into the sneakers of Faith Connors on February 23, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Let’s just hope they put a bigger budget towards the cutscenes this time around.

Check out the 5-minute long gameplay trailer here!

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Published Aug. 7th 2015
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    Well, they certainly put the tease in teaser. There was barely anything there! :(

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