Free God of War PS5 Next-Gen Upgrade Live Now

God of War's free PS5 upgrade is live now, bringing the best of both performance modes to the PS4 mega-hit.

The God of War PlayStation 5 free next-gen upgrade is live now, adding an extra set of graphics options to the game to get the most out of Sony's latest hardware. The update works for both physical versions of the game and digital downloads, including the free PS Plus Collection download on PS5.

Sony's Santa Monica Studio outlined what God of War's next-gen upgrade features in a new blog post. Where God of War on PlayStation 4 Pro included a standard split choice between performance or visual fidelity, God of War on PlayStation 5 combines both of the modes.

That means God of War on PlayStation 5 supports 60fps, plus 4K checkerboard  and up to 2160p resolution on compatible devices.

After downloading the free patch, this will be the game's new default setting. However, those who want the original two performance mode options can choose "Original Performance Experience" and revert back to 4K checkerboard at 30fps.

If you've yet to dive into one of the best action-adventure games on any PlayStation console, now's the best time to take the leap. Stay tuned for more on God of War and news on its upcoming sequel, God of War Ragnarok (or just God of War 2, it's still up in the air), later this year. 

[Source: Sony Santa Monica]


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Published Feb. 2nd 2021

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