New Street Fighter V Costumes and Stages Revealed for June Update

The World Warriors are getting a wardrobe change to celebrate the debut of their upcoming story mode, "A Shadow Falls".

Looks like Ryu and his fellow World Warriors are going to have to expand their closets. In a Capcom Unity blog post, the developer unveiled new costumes and stages heading to Street Fighter V next week as part of the highly-anticipated June Update. In addition to the new story mode and Ibuki's release, new stage variations and Battle Costumes for each fighter will become available to unlock.

Street Fighter V players will recognize the Battle Costumes for Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Cammy as the pre-order bonuses for the game's release. If you've been experiencing serious bouts of regret for not locking in a pre-order for Ryu's hunky alter-ego, bearded Ryu, you're in luck. The other 15 brawlers have snazzy new costumes, including a Zangief who has a striking resemblance with WWE legend "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I predict a spike in "OOOHHH YEAAAAAH"s being exclaimed during the Red Cyclone's matches.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the costumes are only unlockable via real currency, priced at $3.99/€3.99 a piece. From the looks of the comment section of the blog post, this has caused some concern from the SFV community. The chief concern being the price tag for the costumes and the lack of ability to pay with fight money.

The new stages are variations of the Shadaloo Base, Kanzuki Estate, and Forgotten Waterfall stages. The price for alternate stages are 40,000 fight money or $1.99/ €1.99 a piece in real currency.

Check out screenshots for the new costumes and stages below to see if you think they are worth their hefty price tag.

Look for the June update, which delivers a cinematic story mode, DLC character Ibuki, as well as new costumes and stages, to drop this week.

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Published Jun. 26th 2016

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