Exclusive Interview: Todd Carson with Dragon's Prophet

Mark gets some time to speak with Todd Carson, Senior Producer, about the upcoming MMORPG, Dragon's Prophet.

This is a very exciting interview with Todd Carson.  We got to go by the SOE booth right after they received the nomination for Best RPG at E3.  Todd goes on to give us the skinny on their new game Dragon's Prophet.

PvP System in the Works

The most enticing of what was said is the PvP system they plan and are developing currently.  The PvP system will be tied very closely with the housing system.  When you purchase a lot and build a house it will be on a floating island where others can go and purchase houses as well.  (An important fact about the housing is that it is persistent, as in you will have the same neighbor until you decide to move.)  

Then for each island there will be a citadel, or castle which can be captured and controlled by guilds.  Once you have control of the citadel you then get to dictate the tax rates and other things to the houses on the island.  The PvP comes in with this because other guilds can come in and try to capture the citadel and control it for themselves.

Guild Leveling and Perks

Todd also gives us some information on how guilds work.  There will be a guild leveling and perk system.  For example a guild at level three gets a magic flute that summons a rare dragon that the guild can tame.  He mentions that in the beta people already demand level three guilds already!  Another perk you receive for leveling up the guild is increased capacity, at level one you have 50 available spots.


Another topic discussed is the classes.  There are four classes, Guardian, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Oracle.  Guardian's being a warrior type class, ranger being the ranged class (he mentions one of the available weapon types for ranger are a sword/gun combination), Sorcerer being the magic caster class, and finally Oracle is, he describes as, a monk or ninja class.  Lots of damage, but wheres cloth armor so very vulnerable.

Training Dragons

He also describes how capturing and training dragons works.  There are hundreds of different dragons in the game all with their own unique abilities.  Mark asked if your class would affect the types of dragons you can acquire and Todd assures us that your class does not affect which you can tame.

In order to capture the dragons you play a quick mini game.  You bring the dragons health down enough to start the mini game. Then once you have done this you jump on the dragons back and being the mini game.  This mini game is trying to stay on the dragon by keeping a reticle in the center of a circle by tapping w, a, s, and d.

The game is currently in Open Beta, check it out here!

Interview by Mark Taylor AKA Lord Hammer from Guild Umbra.

Filmed and Edited by Brian Schaaf AKA Rothalack, Staff Editor for GameSkinny.

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Published Jun. 19th 2013

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