PS4 Update 1.60: Long-Awaited Support for Pulse Headsets

Well, it's about time. Those great Pulse headsets will finally work on your PlayStation 4!

When the PlayStation 4 launched in November, it didn't support most headsets. In fact, the majority of owners were stuck with the earbuds that come packaged with the system.

It's not a bad audio device, but it's a far cry from top-tier headsets, right? Well, good news: Today, Sony announced that system update 1.60 for the PS4 will be available "later tonight," and it will provide much-needed support for 7.1 surround-sound headsets such as the Pulse and Pulse Elite Edition.

Sony also revealed an all-new wireless headset, dubbed the Gold Wireless Headset. It'll be on store shelves "early this month" and it'll cost you $99.99.

The slick new unit will feature 7.1 surround sound, custom audio modes created by developers, a noise cancelling microphone for voice chat, and even customizable faceplates. It'll be compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC, and it'll work with the Vita and other mobile devices. The Gold Wireless Headset offers 8 hours of fun before the necessary recharge.

Will this update make the PS4 more attractive?

I know some people who didn't buy the PS4 because it didn't support their headset (or any headset they wanted to buy). Primarily multiplayer gamers--they just refuse to play games without a great headset. I once thought such individuals were in the minority, but these days, that probably isn't true. I still can't imagine waiting to buy a new console for this reason, though.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2014

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