The 2015 Game Developer Conference Opens its Vaults

The GDC have opened their treasure troved vaults and all of theirs talks and presentations are available to watch, for free!

The Game Developer Conference now officially has all of their talks online from the recent GDC 2015 event in San Francisco.

There are over 150 presentations you can watch, and they’re all free for you to peruse at your leisure. If you don’t want to watch the talks in their entirety, you can also have a look at the presenters Power-Point slides, and make up your own presentation, it’s like a chose your own adventure game, but with a conference!

There's a LOT to Check Out

Now, there are over 150 of these talks, each ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour, so it would be an impressive achievement to get through every single one. So, we’ve done something real nice for you! I’m going to show you two of my favorite talks and give you the skinny on both of them.

“Adventures in text: Innovating in interactive fiction”

The first I recommend is a talk by Jon Ingold, of Inkle Studios. This is all about how Inkle studios came to be, and how they are making extremely successful text-based adventure games on smart phones and tablets. Inkle are responsible for the Sorcery! games and their latest game, 80 Days was nominated for several BAFTAs and has met huge success critically and commercially.

It is a very interesting talk and well worth watching if you’re interested in narrative and choices within games.

“Breaking In: Designers and Writers”

The other talk I recommend is a talk by Katie Chironis. It’s a talk primarily for students and people wanting to break into the industry as a designer or writer, but it also encompasses a whole spectrum of topics involved in working within the industry. It’s only 30 minutes too, well worth a watch on a lunch break.

All of the talks are worth watching, and I just listed my favorite two Have a look at the extensive list and everyone will be able to find something they are interested in.

Edit: In an earlier version we attributed the Breaking In talk to Liz England. It was actually Katie Chironis. Sorry about that!


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Published Jun. 16th 2020
  • Liz England
    Hey, just a correction - you attribute the "Breaking In: Designers and Writers" talk to me (Liz England). That talk is by Katie Chironis! It's a good talk, and I wouldn't want to accidentally take credit for it.
  • Stephen F. Johnston
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks for the correction. I've updated the article.

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