Mario and Pokémon Titles Confirmed for NX

Sources close to Nintendo have supposedly revealed some massive truths about the mysterious NX, including some of its first games.

Nintendo's last couple of consoles have had rather rocky launches. While the 3DS did go on to become an incredibly successful handheld and is still popular to this day, its launch titles were mostly middling and uninteresting. As for the Wii U, its launch was arguably disastrous, with titles that mostly consisted of ports that other systems had already had for years and no real killer app to convince people to buy the console; it now seems Nintendo doesn't plan on repeating those mistakes.

According to MCV, sources close to Nintendo have told them that the company plans to not only have a new Legend of Zelda released as a launch title, but to have new Mario and Pokémon games released within the first six months of the console's release. Nothing is known about the Mario title but Game Freak is apparently working on the Pokémon game.

The same sources also told MCV that the NX has managed to gain support from other third-party companies; SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision, and Warner Bros. Not only that, but the rumours of the NX being a portable device that can connect to a TV are accurate and the visuals are said to be somewhere between the PS3 and PS4.

One unnamed exec that has had first hand impressions with the system said:

"It's a nice bit of kit, a bit of a novelty, but a good one. It won't appeal to PS4 fans. Nintendo seems set on trying to upgrade smartphone gamers. That's going to be a big job for the marketing department."

The NX is currently slated to release in March 2017, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a launch title, but will it be the only launch title?


Published Aug. 4th 2016

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