Darkwood - More Then The Typical Horror Game

Will this game might not make it without the help of some amazing contributors.

The video does a better job of talking about the game then I ever could.  Who would know their game better then the developers? Apparently wood dwelling wizards.  Not being a wizard myself, I wanted to go over some of the smaller things they could not mention in the video.

The World of Darkwood

The world of Darkwood is set in a randomly generated forest full of deadly creatures and a very mysterious story to drive it all.  Reinforcing your home, limited supplies and a strict perma-death penalty means every minute counts as you fight for your life while trying to find the secrets of Darkwood.  

With an emphasis on it being really difficult, they seem to be reaching for those gamers of old that enjoyed a rough challenge and be straining for the player to be using their head and whit to overcome much adversity.  Just look at how he takes care of this creature in this video.

The amount of creative ways you seem to be able to trap and kill the enemies has me excited. I am enjoying the idea of not needing to fight every creature face to face but rather outwit the primal monstrosities that are hunting you.  Also all the weapon customization seems interesting.  I really want to see how many options you actually do have in this game or how nuts you can get with the weapons.

This is an all or nothing

Without this funding, Darkwood will not be released.  It is $10 to simply be assured a copy of the game and with plenty of incentives to donate more money, you might even want to chuck in a few extra bucks to get some fun extras.

As of now the game needs an extra $12,000 in 9 days; every penny will count.

Planned for release in mid 2014, Darkwood looks like a lot more then a simple jump scare game and deserves the recognition so do as the insane wizard says and check this game out!  You can see keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and help Greenlight them on Steam



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Published May. 28th 2013
  • ShackAttackMike
    That was amazing. That gameplay trailer has got me really interested in this game. Thanks for sharing this Reilly.

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