One Piece: Burning Blood is the First One Piece to Hit the Xbox

One Piece: Burning Blood is the first One Piece game to be available on a Microsoft console.

Get ready, folks—One Piece has (finally) come to the Xbox One. One Piece: Burning Blood Deluxe Edition is available for $69.99 in a bundle format that includes the game, an exclusive costume for Luffy called the Platinum Luffy, and the One Piece Wanted Pack.

Players can assemble their crew in various ways to improve battle tactics, choosing from over 40 characters. The game also provides the option of playing the story arc through the differing perspectives of Ace, Luffy, Akainu, or Whitebeard. This will grant players a fresh new perspective on the story with each playthrough.

Burning Blood is the first of 38 One Piece games to be offered on a Microsoft console. Until now, One Piece games were primarily playable on PlayStation and various Nintendo consoles. The series contains mostly RPGs and fighting games. Burning Blood fits the latter category. The game is also available on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC. 


Published Jun. 1st 2016

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