Joshua Broadwell

Josh Broadwell's gaming career began early--1993, to be exact--when he was introduced to the Super Nintendo and Super Mario World. Despite all the magnificent games the SNES and, later, the original PlayStation had to offer, it wasn't until the GameBoy Advance era that he finally discovered RPGs, which quickly became a favorite genre. Games like Fire Emblem [Blazing Blade] and Golden Sun hold their places on his best games of all time list alongside more recent discoveries on the PlayStation Vita, such as The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky trilogy and the Persona games (and yes, 4 Golden is the best Persona, end of story). Josh began covering gaming in 2017 as part of a writing internship with GameSkinny as he sought to diversify his skillset and continues to work as a freelance writer. He holds a BA in history, an MA in history, and is currently pursuing an MA in strategic communication