Vehicles Confirmed for Destiny, But No Animal Mounts

Sure, you'll be able to get around using vehicles. But Bungie didn't want to tick off PETA.

Bungie's Destiny is a hugely ambitious open-world shooter. It will boast dozens of awesome features, but animal mounts won't be one of them.

According to the studio's latest Weekly Update, the team considered including animal mounts, but the Titan's heavy armor proved problematic. PETA can be a little touchy about things like busted animal spines, after all:

"We considered animal mounts, but the weight-load of the Titan’s heavy armor kept breaking their backs, and we knew that PETA would go absolutely berserk."

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)  has spoken out against the ill-treatment of animals in video games before. Therefore, it's not unlikely that Bungie's inclusion of animal mounts could gain some unwanted attention. The feature has been used in other games, but it's usually a sticky subject, especially if those mounts can die.

So, you can still check out a host of cool vehicles when you settle in to play Destiny. They're faster, anyway.

The cuter the animal, the worse it is

I bet if Bungie just used some horrific-looking alien animals for their mounts, PETA wouldn't bat an eye. First, they're fictional. Second, they're ugly. PETA only protects cute animals, don't they?

...Oh, I'm kidding, of course. Still, killing lizard mounts wouldn't get half the bad press as killing kitten mounts. I can just see the crazy headlines now!

Published Feb. 3rd 2014

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