WB Montreal Re-Designed Gotham Knights for Better Co-Op Play

WB Montreal is taking Gotham Knights co-op play seriously and re-designed the game's combat because of it.

Bruce Wayne is dead, but it's okay because WB Montreal is making it easier for you to beat things up with a friend in Gotham Knights. The Arkham: Origins developer recently told GamesRadar+ they've redesigned Gotham Knights' combat system for co-op play so it offers more challenge and variety than the usual brawler.

It's a natural fit for Gotham Knights' Creative Director, Patrick Redding. Redding said:

The two-player dynamic fits the fantasy and the Gotham City setting. The 'duo' or team-up is such a central feature of the universe that there's a literal shorthand for it in the comics, animation, film, and TV versions.

Fleur Marty, the game's Executive Producer, said WB Montreal also streamlined character progression and maintenance so switching between single-player and co-op mode is nearly seamless.

Swapping characters is as easy as going back to the Belfry, the Knights' base, and there's no level gap since experience gets shared across all characters. Enemies also scale with player levels, so there's no barrier to character and loadout experimentation.

Gotham Knights is set for a 2021 release date on PC, as well as current- and last-gen consoles, except Nintendo Switch.

[Source: GamesRadar+]


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Published Jan. 11th 2021

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