Pokemon Masters EX Dishes Up Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day

Pokemon Masters' Valentine's event features two new Sync Pairs and a chance to earn some delectable rewards.

Valentine's Day is approaching fast, and in Pokemon Masters EX, that means it's time for sweet treats and new Sync Pairs in the Palentine's Day event.

Palentine's Day is when Pasio trainers shower their human and Pokemon friends with desserts in the Baking Buddies story event now through February 18. Baking Buddies tasks players who've completed at least chapter one with finding dessert ingredients for Serena and Dawn, both of whom feature in special dessert-themed outfits.

Completing the event rewards players with food items such as Melty Chocolate, Fresh Berry, Fluffy Frosting, and more. Logging in daily for 13 days in a row during the event also earns players 1,000 Gems to spend on Sync Pairs.

Speaking of Sync Pairs, the Pokemon Masters' Palentines Day event adds two new Sync Pairs to the Sync Pair Spotlight mechanic. The first, available from now until February 18, is Serena and Whimsicott, with Stun Spore as Whimsicott's signature move. The second, live from January 31 through February 18, is Dawn and Alcremie, with a focus on Charm and Fake Tears.

Both new Sync Pairs feature their respective characters' dessert outfits and both can reach a 6-star EX Potential rating.


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Published Jan. 29th 2021

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