Pokken Tournament Pro Pad pre-orders open limitations revealed

The Pokken Tournament Pro Pad is available for UK pre-order, and the controller's limitations have been revealed.

Several UK retailers have updated their databases with pre-order info for the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad. The HORI-manufactured controller will be similar to the arcade machine's controller.

Nintendo's UK store and Amazon both have the pad listed for £19.99. The pad can also be purchased as part of a £59.99 bundle that includes the game and Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card. The game alone costs £49.99.

Sorry player one -- this controller isn't for you.

The Pro Pad has some issues right out of the box. Due to built-in limitations on the pad, the Wii U tablet is automatically mapped to Player One in Versus mode. Nintendo made a statement about this design:

"Note that due to software design, Player One must always use the Wii U game pad for local battles. Controller is only compatible with Pokkén Tournament for Wii U and will not function properly with other game titles."

To reiterate what Nintendo said in its statement, the Pro Pad will not function with any other game -- bummer if you were hoping to bring this to Smash or some other title.

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Pokken Tournament releases March 9. New characters, game modes and other news has been rushing in ahead of its release.

Are the Pro Pad's limitations enough to keep you from buying it? Let me know down in the comments!


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Published Jan. 27th 2016

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