Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha Phase 3 Commences

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gets a little bigger with the release of its newest alpha phase, Exo-Biology.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is making the long trek to release later this year. Along the way, the development team at Frontier Developments is ever-increasing the game's alpha experience. Phase 3 of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha is live as of 9 a.m. EST on April 15. 

The newest part of the alpha period that began with Phase 1 on March 29, Phase 3 is called Exo-Biology, and it focuses on "exploration covering first footfall and exobiology mechanics," according to Frontier. 

A larger rundown provided by a phase breakdown sheet and video shows that Exo-Biology will: 

  • Increase playable bubble 50LY
  • Include unexplored planets, allowing for First Footfall experience
  • Include the Supratech Artemis explorer suit for purchase
  • Allow players to analyze organics with the Genetic Sampler tool

Players will be able to scan planets on approach to locate biological hotspots across different regions. After pinpointing specific regions, players will be able to scan plant life and sell the data at port once they've harvested enough, though Frontier points out in the video below that bio-diversity will be important. 

The first phase of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha was announced alongside footage of one of the game's raids back in March, just ahead of the alpha's launch on PC. It focused on player "first steps" and kept the universe confined to a single solar system. 

However, the second phase expanded that region by 20LY, allowing players to buy ships and experience Odyssey's combat system via Conflict Zones

Phase 4 of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha test is called Compatibility, and it will add new commanders, and allow the use of carriers, ships, fighters, and SRVs. There isn't a firm launch date for Phase 4 just yet, but it's likely to be very soon considering Phase 2 launched only a week before Phase 3. 

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is set to launch sometime this spring for PC and later this fall for PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Fans can pre-purchase the expansive DLC on Steam for $39.99.

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Published Apr. 15th 2021

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