Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide: Harbin's Dig Site

Want a heaping chest full of gold and an extra achievement? We show you how to find the blue cat collectibles in Strange Brigade!

Pinging back and forth between solo and co-op shooter, Strange Brigade has a whole lot of secrets to uncover whether you are in campaign, horde, or score attack mode.

While trudging across Egypt to search of an ancient witch queen, your group of grave robbers (err... "explorers") will come across some curious collectibles such as a series of blue cat statues.

If you manage to shoot down all the statues in the area, an extra door opens at the end of the level with some hidden goodies. To buy better weaponry after each level, finding the Strange Brigade cat collectibles is critical, as you get a huge gold boost.

Ready to find them all? Let's get started shooting adorable kitty cats!

Harbin's Dig Site Cat Locations

While searching for the statues, keep in mind that the cats don't actually manifest until you walk directly by them, so in many cases you have to go forward and then turn around to shoot them.

Although its quite hard to hear most of the time because the sound of gunfire, the first time you walk near a cat location you will hear a quiet meow as the statue materializes.

Blue Cat #1

You can't really miss this one. After the rope bridge falls and you have to go down the side path, the narrator will actually call out that a blue cat statue is to your left. 

Shoot the statue to nab your first cat collectible! The narrator really, really hates these things and wants you to kill them all (and oddly any real cats you come across as well).

Blue Cat #2

After walking through the first tunnel when you meet the zombies, head through a small courtyard.

When you hit the wood path, look up on the stone archway to find this furtive feline. If you enter the secondary courtyard with the locked metal door, you've gone too far -- turn around and go back into the previous room.

Blue Cat #3

After unlocking the door where the giant scorpions first pop out, head up the left path towards the ridge with the falling spike log trap.

From that ridge, turn around and look back down at the main area to see a cat hidden near the wood barricade.

Blue Cat #4

Later in the level you will be attacked by snipers from up above. Instead of going forward towards them, head up the far right path (you will need to climb over some white fences)

Eventually you'll find a cavern with a scarab locked door. Head all the way through the cavern until reaching the bridge that leads outside. Turn around on the bridge to see a cat sitting on the wood post.

Blue Cat #5

When you reach the final outdoor area with the scarab doorway blocking entrance to the tomb, head into the main area with the symbol puzzle door.

Walk forward from that door until you can look down the left hand path towards the arches. Run down the path until you hear the meow so the cat appears, then go back up where you started.

If you look down the path where you were just walking, the cat should be clearly visible on a stone pillar to the left.

Blue Cat #6

This final cat of the level doesn't actually show up until you see the locked cat door just before the boss (after completing the floor symbol puzzle inside the tomb).

Walk up to the cat door, then turn around and look back up the staircase. This sneaky cat is on the left hand arch and is super easy to miss if you aren't actively going back and re-searching the hallway.

With the last blue cat destroyed, head through the cat door to get a huge pile of gold coins and your first gold cat statue!

Shooting all the cats across the campaign will unlock the Hooked On A Feline trophy. Stay tuned for more guides on the rest of the collectible locations coming soon!

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Published Aug. 27th 2018

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