ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

Here are the exact locations of all unique creatures in Fjordur, a new map in ARK: Survival Evolved, as well as tips on how to tame them all.

There are many creatures roaming around the islands of Fjordur, the new world map for ARK: Survival Evolved (although you could have already encountered most of them in the previous updates). However, there are five brand-new and unique creatures in Fjordur that are exclusive to this DLC.

This guide will provide you with all of Fjordur's unique creature locations in ARK: Survival Evolved, including their exact coordinates and how to tame them all.

All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

Andrewsarchus Location

  • Coordinates: 41.0 - 82.0, 25.0 - 71.0

This boar-like creature is extremely fast and maneuverable, but only mildly aggressive, which means that it won't take too long to tame it. Andrewsarchus also doesn't require any saddle, which is a plus.

You can find it in the area between the two blue markers indicated on the map above, known as the Broken Meadows.

In order to tame Andrewsarchus, you need to sneak up to it, throw some honey in front of it, and let them eat it. While they're eating, jump on their back and follow the arrow prompts appearing on the screen. If you kill Andrewsarchus, it will drop some raw meat and hide.

Aberrant Megalania Location

  • Coordinates: 35.0 - 31.0

The Aberrant Megalania lizard can be found near the Hidden Grotto, which is indicated by the yellow marker on the map above.

Aberrant Megalania is wilder and more unpredictable than its ordinary counterpart, but the taming process is pretty much the same. Enter the Hidden Grotto and start looking at the ceiling; that's where most of these lizards hide. Then, use a harpoon weapon with a stretched net to try and capture them.

Then use kibble or extraordinary kibble to feed them and ultimately tame them. If you kill such a lizard, it may drop some toxin in addition to its hide and meat.

Desmodus Location

  • Coordinates: 90.0 - 78.0

If you manage to reach Balheimr island in the southeastern part of the Fjordur map, then you will have a chance to catch and tame a giant bat, known as Desmodus. These creatures nest inside a massive cave at the Balheimr Trench, which is indicated by the red marker on the map above.

What makes Desomodus really special is the ability to produce the Sanguine Elixir, a potion that increases your chance of taming any creature by 30%. You can read more about taming Desmodus and crafting Sanguine Elixir in our dedicated guide.

Fjordhawk Location

  • Coordinates: 15.0 - 24.0

This giant mountain bird is truly invaluable; it can help players retrieve lost items after death, which can be a real savior during PvE and especially PvP matches.

These birds typically nest in the Snaerheimr Mountains and the Skadifjord region in the northwestern part of the map, which is indicated by the green marker on the map.

In order to tame Fjordhawk players need to kill a creature nearby and allow the bird to eat its flesh. The more meat it eats, the sooner it'll be tamed. Once it is tamed, this creature will be able to bring your items back to the new spawn location.

Fenrir Location

The Fenrir wolf creature doesn't have a designated location on the map, but you can unlock it by defeating the six mini-bosses of Fjordur, which can be found at the following coordinates:

  • Fjordur Beyla: 04.6 - 47.2
  • Jotunheim Steinbjorn: 77.7 - 30.8
  • Asgard Hati & Skol: 20.5 - 37.1
  • Broodmother Lysrix: 57.3 - 65.6
  • Megapithecus: 56.6 - 84.6
  • Dragon: 86.2 - 05.1

Once all these island bosses are defeated, you must bring all the heads of the creatures to the runestones, and Fenrir will be summoned, culminating in Fenrisúlfr boss fight. At the end, Fenrisúlfr will drop a cryopod containing Fenrir, which is basically a tamed Fenrir that can be summoned at any moment that you might need them.

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Published Jun. 17th 2022

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