The Alphabet Soup of Video Games

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The Alphabet Soup of Video Games tastes different to everyone. Here is my mix, I hope it tastes good to you.

A is for Alone in the Dark. Okay, not this one!

A is for Alone in the Dark. 


C is for Cortana. The faithful companion of Halo's Master Chief.


D is for Dark Souls.

E is for The Elder Scolls.


F is for Final Fantasy. Yes, even those ones.

G is for Goat Simulator.


H is for .Hack 

I is for Ikaruga.

J is for JC Denton of the Deus Ex universe.

K is for Kingdom Hearts.

L is for Lost Odyssey.

M is for Mass Effect

N is for Duke Nukem.

O is for Otacon of Metal Gear Solid fame. He will follow Snake in to any situation... From the safety of a plane.

Q is for Quake.

R is for Resident Evil.

S is for Super Mario Bros. Well, maybe not this one.

S is for Super Mario Bros. 

T is for Titanfall.

U is for Ultima Online.

V is for Vagrant Story.

W is for Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War.

X is for Xenosaga.

Y is for Yuna, summoner and beauty of Final Fantasy X.

Published Apr. 18th 2014

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A gamer borne of all formats.I am currently borrowing games off my son, the circle is complete..


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