Bravely Default: Blue Chest Locations

Need to know what's in the blue chests in Bravely Default? This guide will tell you what's in them and where to find them!

Have you noticed the Blue Chests in various dungeons around the world in Bravely Default? You can't open them initially. I will guide you through the locations of every blue chest and what's inside them.

This guide will go over Blue Chests including:

  • Blue Chest Locations - Where they are.
  • Blue Chest Contents - What's inside each blue chest.

Blue Chest Locations

After the cut scenes in the beginning of Chapter 6, there is a glowing object on  the ground of the Grandship. Pick it up to get the key to unlock blue chests.

These chests contain very good items, but the best items are in the Dimension's Hasp blue chests.

Lontano Villa - 3F

  • Lustrous Shield - Bloody Shield from Norende restoration has higher defense, but 0 evasion. This one is better if you want some evasion.

Harena Ruins - B2

  • Air Knife - Dagger - Yatagarasu in Dimension's Hasp is better.

Grand Mill Works - 2F

  • Gale Staff - Demon's Staff in Dimension's Hasp is better.

Miasma Woods - Central

  • Death Axe - Earthbreaker's Axe in Dimension's Hasp is better.

Witherwood - Interior

  • Longinus - Spear - Gungnir in Dimension's Hasp is better.

Mythril Mines - B2

  • Genji Gloves - Heike Gloves from Norende restoration is better.

Underflow - 1F East

  • Genji Helm - Heike Helm from Norende restoration is better

Vestment Cave - B1

  • Luminous Robe

Twilight Ruins - B2

  • Yoichi's Bow -Artemis's Bow in Dimension's Hasp is better.

Florem Gardens - Central

  • Royal Crown

Grapp Keep - 1F

  • Genji Armor - Heike Armor from Norende restoration is better.

Starkfort Interior - 2F - Take middle staircase on 1st floor.

  • Muramasa - Katana - Ama-no-Murakumo from Dimesnion's Hasp is better.


Vampire Castle - 1F

  • Hadean Claws - Knuckles - Kaiser Knuckles from Dimension's Hasp is better. Also, equipping nothing with the Monk's Natural Talent support ability is best.

Eternia Central Command - 48F - Take the elevator in the northeast when you enter.

  • Chaos Blade - Sword - Durandal from Dimension's Hasp is better.

Everlast Tower - 3f

  • Wonder Rod - Demon's Rod from Dimension's Hasp is better.

Grandship Engine Room - B29

  • Brave Suit - This is great because it gives the wearer an extra BP at the start of battle.

Dimension's Hasp - Bonus dungeon in last chapter

  • B2 - Yatagarasu - Dagger
  • B3 - Demon's Staff
  • B4 - Earthbreaker's Axe
  • B5 - Demon's Rod
  • B6 - Artemis's Bow
  • B7 - Ama-no-Murakumo - Katana
  • B8 - Kaiser Knuckles
  • B9 - Gungnir - Spear
  • B10 - Durandal - Sword

These are all the chests I have found. I do not believe that I missed any, but if you know of any not listed here, let me know in the comments.

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Published May. 10th 2014
  • Hollow Tim
    Can these guides stop spoiling the fucking surprise? I just wanna know where the chests are so I don't have to re-check every dungeon... I don't wanna know what's in the damn chests until I open them...
  • Meester_Mooo
    The blue chest in Witherwood (not "WitherwoodS") is in Witherwood - Interior, not Witherwood - South.
  • Lynes6
    If I get the blue chests on chapter 6,will I still be able to get the items on the bonus dungeon?
  • Bidoof_9716
    The Longinus is actually in Witherwood Interior, not South.
  • Katosen
    Jurn, if you go to the deck where you fight Alternis, you should be able to. It was there when I went back because I too forgot to pick it up.
  • Justin_3285
    Can I get the treasure chest key even if I didn't grab it in chapter 6? I didn't notice it on the ground. . .
  • jurn07
    The longinus is in the witherwood south
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Thanks guys, I'll add them
  • Ian _1450
    The death axe in miasma woods and the Longinus (a lance) is in some dungeon can't remember which though
  • Chris_6444
    Gale Staff - Grand Mill Works 2F
    take the top staircase and follow the path

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