E3 2013 Sony Conference: inFAMOUS Second Son Trailer (PS4)

inFAMOUS Second Son is bringing the heat with it's all new trailer.

Fight back in Sucker punch's Next-gen game: Infamous Second Son. I've been a huge fan of the inFAMOUS series and have completed both games (100% and played through both good and bad endings). After the end of inFAMOUS I felt as though that was the end of Cole's story and thus the end of the series. I may have been right about Cole's story being over but it seems Sucker Punch felt that the inFAMOUS story was not. Players will be thrown back into the rich open world of inFAMOUS but instead, will be playing as Delsin Rowe, a young male that lives on the edge and never backs down from a fight.So hot you'll explode!In the trailer above we are shown two things.  One; Delsin does not wield electric powers like his predecessor. However Delsin seems to be able to control smoke and maybe even fire.  Two; Reggie, Delsin's brother, makes a surprise visit, seeing as this is the first time we've seen him.  I for one am pretty happy about the change of super powers. After the second inFAMOUS game they had done just about everything when it came to using electric powers. I'm really looking forward to seeing how having this new power will change up combat and parkour.Bromance.We don't know to much about the two brothers but from what was shown in the trailer they seem to have a bond that only brothers can have. Delsin seems to think of his new found powers as a gift, where Reggie seems to think of them more as disease. I'm sure that their views and beliefs will clash and create some awesome story choices.Final Thoughts.I'll be picking up a PS4 on launch day and it's not because of its low price point or because I don't like the XBox One. This game is the sole reason I'll be getting the PS4. Look forward to playing inFAMOUS: Second Son on a PS4 in early 2014.For more E3 and Second Son info follow me on Twitter and Facebook.Also check out my Youtube Channel! 


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Published Jun. 12th 2013

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