Xbox One Beta Program

Microsoft is launching an Xbox One beta program to help aid in the updates and features that will come with the system.

Microsoft is launching a 'beta program' that will allow select Xbox Live members to check and test the upcoming updates. This will help to give better updates using the feedback they will receive.

First Preview

Beginning today, those select Xbox Live members will get to review the upcoming March 4th Xbox One update. This update is set to fix party chat before Titanfall is released on March 11th. To see if you were invited for this beta program, you can check to see if you received a message via Xbox Live. If you are selected, to give your feedback Microsoft will ask you to post it in a specific forum within the message. This beta program might seem a bit familiar to some people as it is very similar to the Xbox 360 beta probram.

If you want a full run-down on the March updates coming up for Xbox One, refer to this article. We can hope that this update will go through as smoothly as possible, with more fixes than bugs. 

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Published Feb. 20th 2014

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