New Mighty No. 9 trailer showcases more gameplay

Keiji Inafune gives us a new glimpse of Mighty No. 9 in action!

The PlayStation blog has showcased a new Mighty No. 9 trailer, featuring all the different game modes you're able to play.

Due to hit pretty much every gaming platform on February 9th 2016, Mighty No. 9 has you playing as a very Mega Man-esque character. Considered to be the game's spiritual successor, there's no surprise as to who it is based upon.

There are three different modes shown in the trailer above:

  • Boss Rush - exactly what it says on the tin; defeat all the bosses from start to finish.
  • Maniac - Survive as long as you can with just a 'one-hit KO'.
  • Challenge - Complete unique challenges designed to test your 2D side-scrolling abilities.

Another noteworthy mention is the chance to see the 2 player co-op mode in action. You can play online together with a friend -- either team up or work competitively against one another. 

Will you be picking up the game on launch day? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Published Nov. 30th 2015

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