Burly Men at Sea Launches This September on PS4 and PS Vita

The indie title about a trio of fishermen is setting sail on PlayStation's home and handheld consoles.

Originally released for PC and mobile devices, the well-received indie adventure Burly Men at Sea will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on September 19. 

Burly Men at Sea, developed by Brain&Brain, is a branching story game that revolves around a trio of bearded fishermen and their adventures in early 20th century Scandinavia. Players will assume a role of the storyteller, who will shape and form the trio's journey as they explore and encounter creatures from Scandinavian folklore.

Based on the choices that players make, a different ending will play out. Since the game itself will not be particularly long, players will be encouraged to replay it multiple times in order to get the full experience with all the endings.

Upon its release, the game will support trophies and avatars -- and will even include cross-buy and cross-save between the two game systems.

Burly Men at Sea will also be available to play at Sony's booth at PAX West this year. To learn more about the game, visit the PlayStation Blog


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Published Aug. 16th 2017

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