UPDATED: Mighty No. 9's launch is "better than nothing," according to Inafune

Loads of problems and now some delays for Mighty No. 9.

UPDATE 6/22/2016: Recent reports this morning have revealed that the translator, Ben Judd, was the one to say "It's better than nothing," adding in his own commentary, causing this confusion. Other translations as seen on VG247 have stated Inafune said "I own all the problems," and go into more detail.


"It's better than nothing." These were the words Keiji Inafune had to say about the shaky launch of Mighty No. 9 during a stream of the game. He also went on about how the team did their best without adding any additional microtransactions or DLC, ignoring the extra DLC funded by fans.

Yet he also said "I'm not getting my side-scrolling fill," possibly unknowingly insulting his own game. Some people also think it wasn't Inafune himself that said this, but that maybe the translator, Ben Judd, threw in his own opinion instead.

Either way, it's earning a lot more ire from fans, who have had to deal with tons of delays, questionable quality despite the budget, a horribly received trailer, and Inafune thinking about another sequel already, and even making another Kickstarter for Red Ash before Mighty No. 9 was completed.

Further bad news on launch day includes delays for the Xbox 360, Mac, and Linux versions, which were announced right on the release day. Some backers have also had trouble even playing the game, as the codes either do not work, or are locked to work only after a certain time. 360 users are being offered a Steam code instead.

The critical reception of Mighty No. 9 has not been going well, averaging to a 58 on Metacritic as of this moment -- and doing even worse with user scores. We will give you our thoughts on Mighty No. 9 with a review coming soon!


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Published Jun. 22nd 2016

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