Battlefield 4's China Rising DLC to Release December 3rd

Release date for China Rising, a DLC for Battlefield 4, has been announced.

Battlefield 4 has released in the United States today, and DICE has chosen this day to make a second release, this time though of a date. China Rising, one of five DLC to come for Battlefield 4, has had a release date of December 3rd, according to their service Battlelog.

China Rising was a pre-order bonus which introduces quite a few additions to the game. New large Chinese mainland maps, four in total, will be added. The add-on will also include new vehicles and equipment for player's use.

The December 3rd date, however, is for those who are Premium Subscribers. Those who aren't premium will have to wait two weeks to get access to the new expansion on December 17th. To become a Premium Subscriber, you can purchase a subscription through the Battlefield 4 website for $49.99.

The other four extensions are due out all by Summer of 2014. Battlefield 4 is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Xbox One and PS4 editions are to come in November as console launch titles.

Already, Battlefield 4 has a multiplayer update that the company would like all users to be sure to download and apply to the game on day one.

Published Aug. 4th 2017

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