Humble Store adds charity options and wish list

With customizable wish lists and charities, the Humble Store is becoming a more user-friendly platform.

The Humble Store has introduced two user-friendly features to their site. Just yesterday, they announced on their blog that they are allowing customers to choose their own charity from a list of over 35,000 organizations.

 When purchasing from the Humble Store, users now have the option search charity at the bottom of the checkout window. The “search all charities” button will take them to the charity page where they can search by category and country to choose where 10% of their purchase will go.

To clarify, Humble Bundles will not be affected by this change. Unlike the store, bundles will continue to be sponsored by featured charities.

A new wish list option, added earlier this month, gives the site even more of a personal touch. The wish list allows users to follow their favorite games and see which ones are on sale. There is also an option to send wish lists out via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, which is great for getting those Christmas and birthday lists out to friends and family.

Considering that Humble Bundle has to compete sites such as Steam which have always offered their own wish list options, it was about time Humble Bundle evened out the playing field and maybe even gotten a leg up. After all, Steam doesn’t offer charity options with every sale.

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Published Jun. 16th 2020

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