How to Get a Rocket Start 40 Points in Mario Kart Tour

Turns out you've probably been doing the rocket start wrong for weeks — there is, in fact, an easy way to get bonus points in Mario Kart Tour if you know the secret!

Every last point counts when you're trying to grab that fifth star on a course or increase in the Mario Kart Tour weekly rankings. Rocket starts don't offer a huge boost, but they can be a bigger help (and help out with a revolving weekly challenge) if you know how to work them properly. Want to know how to get 40 rocket start points, or even boost all the way up to 60?

Everyone knows to tap and hold when the "2" comes up in countdown. That part is included in the tutorial. What that tutorial doesn't mention is that bonus points are up for grabs if you release your tap at specific times.

Getting 40 - 60 Points With A Rocket Start

Due to the wording of Lakitu's instructions, most players are tapping on two and then continue to hold throughout the rest of the race.

Since you get bonus points for completing a rocket start in that way, many players never bothered to try anything else.

Turns out there's a nifty secret way to get bonus points here if you release your tap at these specific times:

  • 30 Points - Keep held through the start of the race.
  • 40 Points - Release on the "1" during the countdown.
  • 60 Points - Release exactly on the "Go" during the countdown.

Keep in mind that some karts also offer bonus rocket start points and slightly increase the time frame to get 40 - 60 base points.

Take any of these karts to make the rocket start boost easier to complete and bump up your starting points in any course:

  • Koopa Dasher
  • Bullet Blaster
  • Bull's Eye Banzai
  • White Royale
  • Red Turbo Yoshi
  • Flame Flyer
  • Barrel Train
  • Quickshaw
  • Ghost Ride
  • Red B Dasher
  • Gold Train

Did you manage to get a 40 point rocket boost yet or even the mythic 60 point start? Sound off below, then take a look at the rest of our Mario Kart Tour challenge guides including:

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Published Jan. 3rd 2020

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