Mario Kart Tour Guide: Break 5 Jars Challenge

Want to complete the Mario Kart Tour 5 jar challenge in a single lap? With the right course you can earn this badge in under a minute!

For a game about racing, there's sure a lot of smashing into things and throwing random objects around in Mario Kart Tour like with the fragile break 5 jars challenge.

This particular badge has been vexing players because there aren't that many jars to be found in the Paris tour, but luckily you can easily get all five in one single course once you know where to look!

How To Break 5 Jars In Mario Kart Tour

For the 5 jars badge, choose the Shy Guy Bazaar track in the Diddy Kong cup of the Paris tour.

Pick any driver, kart, and glider combo you want, because they won't affect the outcome as you don't really need to pull any particular items to make this method work.

In the marketplace section of the course where you have to pick one of three sides, do not pick the jump bar on the right side, or you will miss several jars.

After picking either the left or center paths, stay to the right at the turn immediately after the marketplace and you should plow directly into two jars. 

Take note of that jar location if you miss it, because you can then hit it on the second lap.

Next, in the large open area that turns towards the end of the track, look for three jars directly in the middle of the road. If you mini turbo boost in at the correct angle, you can hit all three in one go, effectively completing the challenge on your first lap.

Having trouble hitting the jars with your kart?

You can also destroy them with an item like the Green Shell, although the Super Horn is probably easiest since it has an area radius effect and doesn't require any type of aiming.

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Published Nov. 13th 2019

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