Mario Kart Tour Guide: Take out 5 Piranha Plants Challenge

One early level in the Paris tour is filled with piranha plants that can be hit directly with any driver in this Mario Kart Tour challenge!

Getting first place isn't always the goal of any given Mario Kart Tour race, as sometimes you want to complete challenges like taking out 5 piranha plants to earn extra stars. 

This challenge can be handled in several levels by trying to use items like Green Shells or Bob-Ombs, but there's a much simpler way to ensure you earn the badge in much less time.

Want to know the secret? We are going to crash directly into multiple piranha plants at once so there's very little aiming involved!

How To Take Out 5 Piranha Plants In Mario Kart Tour

The quickest way to earn this badge is to pick Choco Island 2 in the Peach cup of the Paris tour.

Its one of the very first races, so everyone should have it unlocked already.

For the piranha plant challenge, it absolutely doesn't matter what driver, glider, or kart you choose, as you won't be flying or using any items here.

When the race starts, ignore the piranha plants clearly visible on the sides of the track -- unlike other levels you can't go off road at those sections using a mushrooms to hit them. 

After the series of small brown boost bars, avoid the main jump boost you'd normally aim for in this level and instead hit the piranha plants in the mud in the large open area at the middle of the track. 

Your driver will have two chances to hit them during the course, and with multiple plants on the left and right side of the muddy area its possible to hit more than one on each lap.

Even if you miss a few the first time, it should only take 2 - 3 races on the Choco Island 2 track to complete the challenge.

Let us know when you complete the challenge and be sure to leave a comment if you pick this badge to display on your profile!

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Published Nov. 13th 2019

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