Nintendo CEO Returns to Work After Successful Surgery

Nintendo CEO returns to work after 4 months of recovery from a successful surgery.

Nintendo Cheif Executive Satoru Iwata declared that he had recovered well enough from surgery that took place around E3 to remove a tumor in his bile duct, which allows him to resume his regular role as head of the company.

This news was presented to us as he stepped up to the plate on Wednesday to reveal Nintendo's quarterly earnings in his post-surgery debute before the press. He informed the press that he had lost weight, but felt much healthier. 

Iwata had been under a great deal of pressure over the loss of consumers due to advances in technology bringing mobile gaming, and the PlayStation and Xbox consols taking over the picture. However, on Wednesday, he graced our ears with an unexpectedly high quartely profit, thanks to the improved sales on the Wii U consol.

It is good to have you back, Satoru Iwata, fourth CEO of Nintendo Co. We are excited to see where the future takes you.

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Published Oct. 30th 2014
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I'm glad! Maybe now Nintendo will start moving in the right directions. I hope they reach out to 3rd parties to develop amazing exclusive content, like Bayonetta 2 (even if I don't like the games, for the people who do they are some of the best examples of combat in games).

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