Madden 15 Glitch Throws Players like Footballs

Video game football season is underway and footballs, along with Madden 15 players, are flying through the air in a new glitch

Pigskins are flying through virtual gridirons for the first time this season with the release of Madden 15, but at least one gamer quickly discovered a minor glitch with noticeable physics-altering abilities.

“Why does that guy fly through the air?” Grant Tucker, who goes by SCKNOWS online, said on his Vine video.

The video features a game where he is controlling the St. Louis Rams. After the quarterback snaps the ball and drops back, a defensive lineman from the opposing Minnesota Vikings team is catapulted into the air after being knocked down from a tackle. The stocky athlete does cartwheels before landing 20 yards from where he originally fell.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the video was looped 1.8 million times and shared 16,000 times between Twitter and Facebook.

Surprisingly enough, the play ended with Tucker’s quarterback getting sacked from the other side of where the glitch happened.  Tucker eventually wrote on Twitter the glitch occurred four more times consecutively with similar results.

It is currently unknown how widespread this glitch is, and EA Sports has not made any comment on the matter.

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Published Aug. 27th 2014

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