Kirby Star Allies: All Secret HAL Rooms Guide

Don’t miss out on a classic Nintendo Easter egg hunt with this guide to finding all the secret HAL rooms in Kirby Star Allies.

Kirby Star Allies has three secret HAL rooms which, for those who are unfamiliar, are hidden Easter eggs commonly found in many of the Kirby games. These locations are incredibly hard to find, and it’s quite possible to have played plenty of Kirby titles without having ever seen one. Despite their elusive nature, you will know you’ve found one by the giant HAL letters composed of Star Blocks in the middle of the room. These rooms contain anything from Stars and 1-Ups to puzzle pieces and special powers not found throughout the normal areas of the game, and we’re here to show you just where to find them in Kirby Star Allies.

HAL Room Location 1

The first HAL room can be found in Fruity Forest in Dream Land. You’ll find it right around the end of the level, before the boss battle with Whispy Woods. The last room before the fight has two wooden platforms connected by two ladders. Drop down and walk until you reach the three-step hill that precurses the area where the boss battle starts. Walk up to but not past the third tree after the hill. There’s an invisible switch here that opens the doorway to the HAL room. Take care not to walk past the tree or you will initiate the boss fight. Head back to the platform where the beginning of the room is, and a doorway will be there. This will take you to your first HAL room.

HAL Room Location 2

The second HAL room resides in Heavenly Hall in Jambastion. This is the last level in Jambastion, and it contains a boss battle, so make sure you’re prepared for that. After the fight, you’ll team up with your allies and use various Friend abilities to escape. The last ability is the Friend Star, and this will be the one you use to find the HAL room. After a mini-boss battle towards the end of the level, Kirby and his friends will fly upwards through a series of falling rubble. Remain on this screen until you see a small, dark doorway appear on the screen. This will take some time, so be patient! Enter through the doorway, and it will lead into the secret HAL room.

HAL Room Location 3

The third HAL room is located in the Jambandra Base in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes. This is the last world in Kirby Star Allies so if you haven’t reached this point yet, no worries. At least you’ll be prepared to find the room ahead of time. The entrance to the secret HAL room is near the end of the level, in the same area that you’ll find the golden goal post. Instead of heading inside the post, float all the way up until you see a small, yellow star shining in the middle of a purple X-shaped opening in the background. Press up on the star, and it’ll take you to the secret HAL room.

For some visual context, the video above from AbdallahSmash026 does a great job of showing where all the different HAL room locations are. This also concludes our guide for finding all three of the secret HAL rooms. Make sure to check back for more how-tos, tips, and guides on Kirby Star Allies.


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Published Mar. 20th 2018

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