PlayStation 4's 3.0 update: all you need to know

3.0 will give more options for sharing content, playing online, and improving layout.

PlayStation 3.0 update was leaked and translated last night into a concise list of changes that is now beta testing in Japan.

The update will:

  • (finally) allow YouTube for Share Play videos.
  • allow posting 10-second videos to Twitter
  • now presents to option to watch friend videos and screenshots
  • allow you to segregate your friends into "Communities" for easier party formation
  • streamline message > party > now playing screens to minimize the use of the circle button
  • show all your PlayStation Plus benefits in one place
  • provide parental controls upon startup
  • allow commenting on nearly everything
  • allow spectating on friends' gameplay
  • include a setting for faster scrolling and increased pop-up notification!

3.0's features may prove more useful the more players become accustomed to them. The most beneficial aspects such as the YouTube addition and parental controls (for some) are a long overdue bonus. The spectating feature is intriguing and hopefully will be a smooth and easy to use feature.

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Published Aug. 12th 2015

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