Dying Light: The Following DLC release date revealed

Dying Light expansion: The Following is set for early 2016 release. It also comes with more features.

Sharpen your blades and ready your guns for some more zombie killing in the upcoming Dying Light DLC, "The Following". The expansion is set to release in the beginning of 2016, and while it may be a long wait for some people, "The Following" is a DLC worth waiting for. You play Kyle Crane as he tries to find out what makes the people in the area immune to the zombie virus - he's trying to determine whether they have a drug that makes them immune or if they are naturally immune.

The reveal trailer shows the addition of dune buggies, new  weapons, and a big country map to traverse. This makes this expansion more of a sequel rather than just a DLC. The introduction of the dune buggy has some players afraid that Dying Light might become Far Cry with zombies. But the dune buggies will be necessary for traveling around the big map. If you're feeling bold, parkour is even more extravagant and fun, and will give you the ability to traverse mountains and oil rigs.

The dune buggies are customizable with search lights, armor, chainsaws, and other advancements. You can even ride with a friend in the buggy, but how the single player double seat buggies work is yet to be seen. Weapons like the crossbow and SMG have been introduced to the game. Crossbows are for that quiet takedown, and the SMG is for when you are ready to gun and run. There is gameplay footage of the game, which shows off all of the DLC’s additions and beauty.

So get ready for the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story that will be revealed in the new DLC "The Following".

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Published Oct. 17th 2015

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