Dark Souls 2 Player Deaths: A Week Later

Over 70 million player deaths in the first week.

I first covered this topic last Wednesday, after first finding out about the death monument in Majula. But some new information has come to my attention recently: It's been a week since the release of Dark Souls 2--let's see what we're at now.

It turns out that the death monument for Dark Souls 2 tracks deaths on a single platform. So the Xbox 360 is a different number to the PS3. But for science and shock factor, I'm going to combine the two numbers.

  • Xbox 360: 17,908,437
  • PS3: 54,196,684
  • Total:72,105,121

After a solid week of being out in the world, Dark Souls 2 has managed to rack up some serious kills. Lets do some math on what that actually looks like:

These are rough estimates:

  • 10,300,731 deaths per day
  • 429,197 deaths per hour
  • 7,153 deaths per minute
  • 119 deaths per second


More people have died in Dark Souls 2 than the entire population of Canada and Australia put together. I have contributed 657 deaths to the toll. How many times have you managed to die in Dark Souls 2 so far?


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Published Mar. 18th 2014

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