Five Eras Company of Heroes Should Visit Next

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Company of Heroes, one of the most acclaimed RTS series since the beginning of the millennium, made its hallmark back in 2006 with its squad-based infantry, directional cover, and map control-driven resources. The success of the series was so great, it even shifted the original style of Dawn of War to one more akin to CoH.

The series has, however, thus far refrained from venturing from the comfy and well-known setting of World War 2, and though one rarely gets tired of making King Tigers test their strength against the Red Army or America's 101st Airborne, it would sure be intriguing to see how Relic would visit some other eras of history.

Though the 20th century is but a drop in the ocean of humanity's history, technological advancement radically changed how warfare was conducted in plenty of occasions. Here are some eras of the century we think would be good for CoH to consider and why.

Published Jan. 30th 2018

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