Star Citizen showcases multi-Crew interactions at Gamescom 2015

Star Citizen amazes attending crowd with a new look into its multiplayer

In a presentation that left much to be desired in terms of quality, Cloud Imperium Games, lead by the master of space simulation Chris Roberts, showed off several new additions for the crowdfunding juggernaut Star Citizen at Gamescom yesterday. 

Starting off with a look into the new Social Module that showed areas where players can interact without being in the void of space, the real purpose for the presentation was to see more of what Roberts was going to bring to the space simulation genre, which is currently on the rise again with titles like Elite: Dangerous, No Man's Sky, and Everspace. It seems, after a grueling presentation with audio glitches and bugs, CIG had something up their sleeves. 

The developers showed a thirteen minute long video that presented mulitple player-controlled crew members in action for the first time. Starting off with the crew boarding a shuttle to leave a space station, what followed was one of the high points of the conference yesterday. As the shuttle started to move through space at incredible speeds, the crew was able to move about the cabin and interact with each other, as well as the ship's many systems. Players were able to depressurize the cabin and leave the shuttle in an attempt to board a derelict ship in the distance and restore its power. 

CIG has released modules to players that have backed the game through its crowdfunding campaign and plan to release several more as production continues into 2016. Surely, we will see more from this game, as this presentation has definitely reignited interest and anticipation. 

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Published Aug. 8th 2015

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