Gotta drink 'em all! Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres Cocktails for Your Pokemon GO team

#144 Articuno (Team Mystic)

Ah, the flavors of Team Mystic. This cocktail, based on the majestic Articuno, is a frozen one -- perfect for lazy summer nights. It also features a depth of flavor that evolves as you enjoy the drink, true to Team Mystic's creed.

The recipe itself is fairly simple, assuming you own a blender, or like, a Pokemon with Aurora Beam. We'll be matching the frozen flavors of chilled vodka and lime juice with the oddly sweet and deep flavors of blue curacao here, to both mimic Articuno's iconic blue color and its majestic nature. You're going to want to first fill your blender with around 8 ice cubes from your tray depending on how slushy you want your drink, then pour a shot of chilled vodka over it. Add a half-shot of blue curacao and a splash of lime juice, then blend well until it looks like it came out of a Slurpee machine.

If it gets too icy to blend, simply add a splash of liquid -- whether it's water, lime juice, or more water. Pour into a glass, and then garnish with frozen berries. As you drink, the berries will thaw, and add more tart-sweetness to your drink. It's refreshing and elegant, just like Team Mystic.


In a blender, add 8 ice cubes, 1.5oz chilled vodka, .75oz blue curacao, and a splash of lime juice. Blend well until slushy, then pour into a glass and garnish with frozen mixed berries.

Published Aug. 19th 2016

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