The Phantom Pain Could Be a Long Ways Off

Ground Zeroes is out soon, but MGS fans may have to wait a while for The Phantom Pain.

Even though the prelude, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, is slated to release in March, the full game - The Phantom Pain - might not drop for a while.

Industry analyst David Gibson attended a Konami investment call, and took to Twitter to reveal the following:

That's a very large release window, by the way. That means it could launch for this holiday season or next holiday season, and it all depends on development progress. One would assume that given the date of Ground Zeroes, Konami wouldn't want to wait too long before delivering The Phantom Pain.

The reports of Ground Zeroes being only two hours in length aren't helping, either. The developer has tried to defend the length but given the prices (ranging from $20 to $40 depending on platform and whether you purchase digital or physical), gamers aren't amused.

It really needs to be THIS holiday season

You can't give us the prelude and make us wait a year and a half for the full game. You just can't. That being said, we're seeing reports now that the two-hour estimate is greatly exaggerated, so maybe we can get more out of Ground Zeroes. The hardcore MGS fans are definitely amped up for it, but I wonder if they're willing to wait that long for The Phantom Pain.

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Published Feb. 6th 2014

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