Advanced CrossCode Tips To Survive in CrossWorlds

There's a lot of ground to cover in CrossCode, and here's some great information to know to make your time in this single-player MMO much easier!

CrossCode gives you control of a player navigating an MMO world. To make this feel like a genuine MMO game, the developers crafted several mechanics they want you to figure out as you continue to play the game.

This guide will reveal some helpful pieces of information you can use to carve a path through CrossCode in each new area and foe you encounter. Surviving in CrossWorld is not as hard as it seems.

Extend Your Jumping Distance

You'll find yourself exploring all of CrossCode's little side avenues by venturing off to the side paths through intricate platforming and carefully timing your jumps. Though, the developers never made getting these locations easy and it takes a degree of skill to traverse the environment. One way  you can make it easier to find all of the secrets in the game is by extending the length of your jump.

To do the larger jump you need to hit the melee attack button after you do your normal jump. After your attack registers, attempt to do a dash, cancel it immediately by bringing your guard up. You should land with the shield in front of you.

Preforming the larger jump takes a bit of practice. You may not notice you're going further until you to land on a location you traditionally cannot reach.

Level And Damage Reduction With Party Members

Like any good MMO, when you decide to squad up with your teammates, you're going to share XP among one another. This is great when the two of you are traveling around and completing a quest but reduces Lea's XP gains.

If you feel you're getting too roughed up by monsters in an area, you can go it alone for awhile and level up Lea and you'll gain more experience points because you're not sharing it.

Also, the more party members bring with you, the less damage you're going to do to your enemies. The damage scales based on how many party members you have.

When you have a total party of three running around, you're going to do around twenty to thirty percent less damage to monsters. If you've just entered a new area, this can prove problematic, as CrossCode is a game that leans heavily on what level you are.

Whenever you're having trouble in an area or want to have Lea gain a few levels, kick out a party member or everyone and go it alone for awhile. You'll notice you're going to gain experience much more quickly and do far more damage. 

Be warned, party members do not gain XP when not in use. It's great to drop party members for difficult boss battles in side quests you want to solo, giving you the opportunity to do more damage to them. 

Remember this moving forward, because you don't want them to be useless in each brand new area because they're significantly under leveled. Keep your party members around when you're simply going through areas to grind up levels. The larger the group, the more efficient they are because your companions make great tanks!

Taking Too Much Damage? Take Water Damage!

It's easy to get overwhelmed by new opponents who are a couple levels higher than you if you don't spend enough time grinding or hammering out the side quests. You may not catch this until you're in the middle of a fight, do a quick analysis, and compare their level to yours.

One way to avoid taking too much damage for your opponents is by jumping into a nearby water source to dodge an impending attack you know you're going to have time to dodge or counter. You're going to take damage doing this, but you'll probably take less than if you just let yourself get hit. 

Choosing to avoid an attack by jumping into water saves you more health points, plus, you'll respawn nearby in a new position, letting you get around your foes and get in your next series of hits.

If you're lucky enough, the attack you're dodging comes from a monster that charges at you. This way you'll only take a little damage, and partially damage your foes.

A Note on the Trader Achievement

Noticed you've visited every area but don't have the trophy for meeting every trader? You may need to go back and talk to them

Getting the trophy My Star Sign is Libra requires that you talk to the traders rather than just passing them by. By speaking to them, you're adding to them to your map and checking them off the trophy list. Simple, but easy to overlook.

Unlimited Dodge

Dodging foes in CrossCode is a great strategy and can help keep Lea alive when she's at low health. However, you're limited to only using the quick dodge three times before it goes on cooldown. Lea can still twirl around in direction, but she won't have as much distance.

You can bypass this by quickly bringing your shield up. After you preform three dashes, drop your shield for a second, and then proceed to dodge out of the way of your foes.

It takes a split second to perform. The shield immediately drops your dodge's cooldown and you can continue dodging to your heart's content.

Though, because you're going to bring your shield up this is not an invitation to waste your dodge. Several foes, especially bosses, follow you with their attacks and run you down. Even if you place your shield up, you're going to take a good chunk of damage.

You'll find this technique more useful when you use your shield to counter, which you can use when you block an opponent's attack just before it hits you. This is a great way to stun a foe and then dodge out of the way of the others you're fighting in a group.

There Are Two Endings

CrossCode certainly comes with several RPG elements. You can choose what attacks you use and what circuit path you want to go down to build Lea to reflect your playstyle. However, you cannot make any decisions in the game, except for what side quests you do and who you help out. Later on, this defines an important choice that changes the ending you receive.

In order to not ruin the ending for those who have not gotten there yet, this answer will remain vague. There's a portion of the game near the end where there's a clear tone change and you the player can complete select missions before wrapping up the story. Ignoring these side quests changes the ending you'll see. 

For those who'd rather experience the endings for themselves than watching it on YouTube, create two save files before completing the side quests to see how the different endings compare to one another. They do change certain aspects, and vary in emotional delivery. Go into those scenes prepared!


That wraps up the guide to help make your time in CrossCode easier as you grind your way up to discovering about the Ancients. Do you have a method not mentioned on here you don't think a lot of people know about? Share your knowledge below! 

For more on CrossCode, check out our review of the game, and stay tuned to Gameskinny.

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Published Oct. 3rd 2018

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