Rezli, a new social app by Iron Gaming, connects gamers and industry professionals

Rezli is a new LinkedIn-like app designed to give you complete access to the video game industry.

A new LinkedIn-esque service entitled Rezli is currently available for gamers and all those partaking in the video game industry. 

Developed by Iron Gaming, the app is designed to connect gamers with game industry professionals, allowing them to connect with one another and form potential career opportunities.

CEO of Iron Gaming, Cory Allison, states that the app "allows gamers of all ages to connect their skill sets with actual career opportunities." 

According to the app's launch trailer, people can create profiles that detail their interests, show of their skills and strengths, and connect with people playing the same games. There is even an option to discover educational opportunities and job opportunities while connecting with the other players. 

In short, Rezli is an app designed to make a gamer's life easier by connecting them with other gamers and giving them direct access to the entirety of the game industry. 

If you wish to know more about the program or sign up for the app, check out the official Rezli website.

As one of the tagline states:

"Show the world that your passion has a purpose."

What do you think of Rezli? Are you interested in trying it and exploring new video game horizons both professionally and personally? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


Published Oct. 30th 2015

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