Game Freak Debuts Noble New Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer

Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Noble Pokemon are causing a royal problem for the folks of Hisui.

Not content with one new Pokemon trailer in one day, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company released a meaty new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer. There's a lot to digest, but chief among the new pieces of information is the Hisui Region's noble Pokemon.

Noble Pokemon are blessed with power and often lend their aid to people in need. One of them is the brand-new Bug/Rock Pokemon Kleavor, a Hisuian evolution of Scyther. Some unknown phenomenon is causing them to enter a frenzied state and wreak havoc across the land, and it's your job to put things right again.

You'll work with one of Hisui's Guardians, people tasked with caring for the Noble Pokemon, to restore order by battling these unique creatures and calming them with a special balm.

You'll need to dodge their attacks and exploit their weaknesses, but simply winning in battle isn't enough. The problem is only resolved when you apply enough balm.

So far, we know there's four Noble Pokemon in Hisui:

  • Kleavor, with Lian as its Guardian
  • Basculegion, with Iscan as its Guardian
  • Wyrdeer, with Mai as its Guardian
  • An unknown "lady Pokemon" with Arezu as its Guardian

The new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer also highlighted some of Jubilife City's areas of interest, including retailers with extensive options tailored to your fashion needs, crafting stations where you can create potions, balms, and more, and an area to develop photos.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases January 28, 2022, for Nintendo Switch.


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Published Sep. 29th 2021

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