King Digital Entertainment Offers Candy Crush Saga Players a Valentine's Day Challenge

King Digital Entertainment, publisher of over 190 popular and fun video games, invites Candy Crush Saga gamers to a Valentine's Day challenge to celebrate their love.

King Digital Entertainment, publisher of over 190 popular and fun video games, invites Candy Crush Saga gamers to a Valentine's Day celebration. Starting tomorrow and continuing for 24 hours, players can take part in a free challenge to celebrate their enjoyment and commitment to this popular game. at 8 am (GMT) tomorrow, millions of Candy Crush Saga gamers can play this simple, yet challenging video game on their mobile device or Facebook. Players are challenged to match 1000 red candies to earn 10 golden bars and a lollipop hammer to enhance their game time. They also gain unlimited lives by purchasing more golden bars during this day long celebration. 

Sebastian Knutsson, Chief Creative Officer at King said: 

At King we’re always looking for new ways to entertain our players and continually add new content to our games. And this Valentine’s Day is no exception. For the first time we’ll be offering all the  Candy Crush Saga players around the world the chance to compete in a live in-game challenge. Players will have 24 hours to match 1000 red candies on any level and those that reach the target will receive some sweet in-game rewards.

Does your sweetheart love to play Candy Crush Saga? Give him or her a Valentine's Day they won't forget by taking part in this day long celebration.  

The fun of this free challenge begins at 8 am. Better prepare some food and beverages for the affair. Playing this fun and popular video game is addictive and you don't want to forget to eat.  


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Published Feb. 13th 2015
  • gurdhian singh
    I complet level 995 plz next level open my help
  • shyam_6039
    Fully time paas
  • maz_8883
    I done the challenge and the bars came on straight away. I also bought the valentines pack twice and money was taken and no rewards given!
  • Sheri_5551
    Played succeeded. When do I get the rewards and where?
  • Kim_3799
    Played and succeeded but got zero rewards. What the heck???
  • Game Oracle
    Hi Amy: Just tried it. Fun and simple.
  • Amy_4825
    It took me 45 minutes to win this challenge. Just play level 299. It's a red candy level.

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