Sci-Fi Classic Master of Orion is Taking Us Back to The Stars This Month

Fans of the original Master of Orion have two weeks to prepare for another journey to conquer the stars.

WG Labs, the organizational unit for Wargaming, has announced that its famous sci-fi exploration game, Master of Orion, is launching a rebirth for the new age of gaming and for players having a sense of nostalgia. The exact release date is reported to be August 25th, 2016.

WG Labs held a successful Early Access period for players, and the feedback was generally positive. Due to this success, WG Labs is ready to release its newest game to the public, with a slight addition to the title. The title is confirmed to be Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars.

Master of Orion became popular for emphasizing its exploration and space aspects, which brought the "4X" strategy style of gaming to its peak. Players of the old game can expect to experience a more expanded version of that, with better graphics as icing on the cake. The new title is also expected to stay faithful to the old one, by emphasizing space exploration, strategy, and the opportunity to play as multiple races. 

With all of this in mind, newbie gamers and veterans of the original title alike are soon going to have their opportunity to journey into the stars for conquest.


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Published Aug. 11th 2016

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