Mario Kart Tour Beta Coming to Android Phones In May

A Mario Kart Tour beta is coming to Android in May, ahead of a full release for Android and iOS later in the summer.

Ever since Nintendo announced that it intended to bring some of its biggest properties to smartphones, fans have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to download and play Mario Kart on their mobile devices.

The good news is that Mario Kart Tour is coming to Android and iOS sometime this summer. However, it will first come to Android devices by way of an early beta period. 

Those interested in playing Mario Kart Tour can sign up to take part in the beta by heading over to the official site for the game and simply scanning a QR code displayed there.

The beta will be available between May 22 and June 4. Unfortunately, it is only available to those inside the U.S. and Japan, so players in other locations will have to wait until the full release later in the summer.

Mario Kart Tour was first announced in 2018, but the game has seen several delays. Nintendo has also been cagey about releasing any information about the title. The developer has not yet released any details about what the game will contain; as of this writing, there aren't even any screenshots available to show off what players can expect.

It’s a confusing move considering how open Nintendo has been with its other mobile releases, including the likes of Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. However, with the beta approaching, there's a good chance something will release in the coming months. 


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Published Apr. 26th 2019

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