ARK: Survival Evolved will feature penguin bed warmers and millipedes that spit blood

ARK: Survival Evolved has updated its Dino Dossier. Here are the newest creature announcements for September.

As if dinosaurs weren’t cool enough, Studio Wildcard’s ever-expanding Dino Dossier will now include penguins you can cuddle for warmth and massive deer you can ride into battle. The developers of ARK: Survival Evolved have announced six new creatures in the last two weeks. Far from just including dinosaurs, the Dino Dossier is a compendium of ancient and extinct real-world creatures that players can hunt and tame.

Except for the Eurypterid, every creature in the announcement is fully tameable and has unique abilities that will benefit the player. The Mantas, Arthropluera, Kaprosuchus, and Megaloceros can be ridden and used in combat. The Therizinosaur, too, can be ridden, but it and the Pegomastax can also use their claws to gather resources faster.

Then, there's the Kairuku penguin. Though the Kairuku may not seem useful for much, it can actually be used to raise the player’s temperature by being close enough to the penguin and sharing its body warmth.

Of course, you can still hunt penguins for their meat if you’re hungry. Nobody’s stopping you there. Except maybe whatever else is hunting it.

ARK is still in early access and creatures are being slowly released, but that has only been fueling the excitement for the full game's release next year.

Just keep your giant blood-spitting millipedes far away from me and we’ll be fine.

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Published Sep. 20th 2015

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