Imperium Galactic Peace? Kabam Laying Off Imperium Galactic War Team

Kabam is closing down Imperium Galactic War and laying off the team behind it, while keeping several significantly worse games one can only assume have more players.

There are some games I continue playing beyond reviewing them, and some games I find myself playing just long enough to be able to give an educated opinion about before dropping them entirely.  Imperium Galactic War was definitely in the latter category.  I did not hate the time I spent playing it, but the game was too limited and too obviously intended as a money sink for me to truly get into it.

Now Kabam is closing the game down.  Several of the developers behind the game are being laid off from Kabam's Austin studio, though the company was quick to point out in their announcement about the game's closure that they are actually hiring 70 new people in the near future.

I am not sure what good that news does for the people being laid off, but I have a different question for Kabam.

 Why Imperium Galactic War? Several of the company's other games are notably less interesting.  For all Imperium Galactic War's issues, it does at least have a rudimentary combat system to put it on a higher level than many of the company's other games.

Did it just have fewer people playing?  Did it not make as much money per player?  Why close down the most genuinely interactive of your games?

Published Oct. 5th 2013

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