The Next Metal Gear Game Is Not What You Hoped For

Now the fantasies you've never had of gambling in the Metal Gear Universe can finally come true.

Those desperately itching for one more outing with Snake/Big Boss are going to be a little disappointed with Konami's latest game announcement: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Pachinko.

If you find yourself crying foul, you're not the only one. The ailing publisher Konami is clearly milking the franchise for every last cent left in it. Japanese players already know well the ubiquity of Pachinko machines and the money they create. Stateside, the phenomenon can only be compared to the prevalence of slot machines in casinos. 

After Konami's messy and secretive separation with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojimafans were certain it meant the end of the franchise. The announcement of a Pachinko version of one of the best and most beloved games of the series may very well prove to be the last of the series' death rattle.

Rest In Peace, Metal Gear. We'll miss you dearly.


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Published Jun. 2nd 2016

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