Call of Duty Warzone Plunder: How to Dominate

Here's how to dominate Plunder in Call of Duty: Warzone, including how to get cash and how to deposit it for max returns.

Call of Duty: Warzone is here. It's big, it's loud, and it's full of money. In fact, it's so full of money that there's a separate mode within it that's all about collecting and depositing money. It's called Plunder. 

Imagine how hard saving money is normally with bills and student loans and then throw guns and team-based tactics into the mix. That's Plunder, and you're going to want to know what it's all about if you want to dominate.

What is Warzone's Plunder Mode?

A bag of cash sits next to a downed player in Warzone's Plunder.

Plunder is a bit like Warzone's primary battle royale mode but instead of killing everyone on the battlefield, your goal is to collect and then deposit as much money as possible. Like Team Rumble mode in Fortnite, you'll just respawn if you die.

This makes it a little less intense than the main Warzone mode. It also means there are a few key differences, such as the circle doesn't collapse. Instead, you've got the whole of Verdansk to explore. 

How to Play Plunder and Get the Most Money

Players carry cash bags to a helipad drop point.

To play and win in Plunder, you need to get cash, and there are a few different ways to do so. 

Killing Enemies

This one is the most obvious and probably the one you'll be doing most of the time. Killing an enemy makes them drop some of their cash on the floor. Drop them and pick it up to add to your stockpile. 

Cash Drops

Planes will occasionally fly overhead and drop cash during the match. These crates are easiest to spot by keeping an ear out for planes flying overhead, or by looking around for the green smoke trails that come off of them. 

You can also spot them on the map by looking for the dollar sign in a box; they get dropped across the map simultaneously, and they usually have killstreaks and other items in them as well.

Attack Choppers

Plunder matches have a Bonus Round. During this time, you may spot some black helicopters in the air. Destroy them, and they'll drop a lot of cash. But keep in mind that they'll definitely fire back with the on-board machine guns, so stick to cover where possible. 


You can also find cash as loot around the map, as well as inside loot boxes. The mantra here is: never stop looting. Check anywhere and everywhere for cash. You'll often find the supply boxes indoors or tucked up against walls. This means it's always worth heading inside where you can, just to clear the place out. 


You can also try and complete contracts, which can be found all over Verdansk. To find them, open up your Tac Map and look for the magnifying glass symbol. Contracts will give you special missions to undertake, and completing them will result in a big payout. 

There are three types of contracts: bounty, recon, and scavenger. Bounty contracts have you hunt down a specific player in a certain amount of time. Recon contracts are basically small games of CTF. Scavenger contracts entail finding supply boxes across Verdansk. 

Rob Banks

Finally, you can rob banks in Plunder. The National Acropolis Bank branches spread around the map might still have cash inside. This can be a great way to get money fast, but keep in mind that it will set off an alarm that will alert other players to what you're doing. 

What to Do With All That Cash

Once you've got your hands on a chunk of cash, you'll need to deposit it. You can either use the Cash Deposit Helipads or the Cash Deposit Balloons. Helipads will be marked with a small piggy-bank, and you can deposit unlimited amounts of cash. You can only deposit a limited amount of cash in balloons. 

Helipads become available once one of the teams has a total of $300,000, while the ballons are a special field upgrade that can be found in loot boxes or bought at buy stations

General Gameplay Tips

Players robbing a National Acropolis Bank branch.

As the aim of Plunder is to get cash, you should do everything you can to further that goal. That means doing everything you can to protect your own team and take out others.

Keep an eye out for wide-open spaces, as you'll draw fire for crossing them. Also, make sure to act as a squad at all times, which will help deter ambushes. 

Whenever another team is doing particularly well, their approximate position will be marked on the map. It's important to stop other teams from pulling too far ahead, so it's worth tracking where these teams are and going in and taking them out if you're worried they're too far ahead.

The actual score leaders will have a crown over the circle, too. If you see a money bag over the circle, that means the team has a lot of cash on them, take them out as well. 

You can actually win Plunder without ever depositing your cash. To do so, one of your team members has to gather $1,000,000 without depositing it. If you can manage that, then the money will automatically be deposited.

The key to this style of play is to know who is going to be carrying all of your money, and then making sure you keep them alive. Think of it a bit like playing a support role and you'll be much more successful. 

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Published Jun. 19th 2020

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