Call of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations: Everything You Need to Know

All of your Call of Duty: Warzone buy station questions answered, from what they are to how to use them and how to earn that cash money.

Call of Duty: Warzone buy stations are one of the strangest innovations in the battle royale genre for a while. While the new BR mode for Modern Warfare can often feel quite familiar to new and veteran players alike, this one aspect is something of an outlier. It makes sense that you'd want to know all about buy stations before heading into a match. 

What's Up with Call of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations?

Buy stations are where you can spend the money you find around the map and turn it into a huge advantage.

While some items in buy stations are simple things like armor plates that replenish your broken defenses, others are far more lavish, like the all-important Loadout Drop Marker, which lets you summon a box containing your custom loadouts.

Buy stations are dotted all over Verdansk. They're represented by shopping carts on your Tac Map. 

So, what exactly can you get at the buy stations? The list below goes over everything you can expect to find, including each item's cost and its effect. 

Item Cost Effect
Armor Plate Bundle $1,500 Replaces broken armor
Shield Turret $2,000 Shielded turret that can
be deployed on most surfaces
Cluster Strike $3,000 Signal for a number of cluster mortars
to hit the designated location
Gas Mask $3,000 12 seconds of protection from
encroaching gas before breaking
Precision Airstrike $3,500 Call in twin jets for a precision strike
along the best available path
UAV $4,000 UAV recon that reveals enemy
locations on the map
Self-Revive Kit $4,500 Allows for self-revive when downed
Redeployment $4,500 Spend currency to redeploy a squadmate that's been eliminated from the game
Munitions Box $5,000 Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for
you and your teammates
Loadout Drop Marker $6,000 Marks a location and deploys a supply drop, allowing your team to pick-up a loadout, including perks.


Call of Duty: Warzone Buy Station Best Items

The best item you can get in Warzone is the UAV. If you know where your enemies are, you can either hunt them down or avoid them. 

Outside of the UAV, the buy station item you'll see used most often is the Loadout Drop Marker. The ability to instantly gain perks and your preferred weapons is very hard to overestimate when everyone else is fighting over the last measly shotgun. 

Outside of those, it's also worth picking up a Self-Revive Kit because being able to revive yourself is incredibly powerful. Finally, the Gas Mask can be just as effective in the right circumstances. It allows you to skirt the edges of an area a bit more, and can even lead to some extra kills, depending on the circumstances. 

Where to Find Money for Buy Stations

In short, money is kind of everywhere. Cash isn't actually hard to come by in Warzone. You just need to make sure you're looting whatever you find, killing off enemy players, and looting whatever they leave behind. You also want to find and complete the contracts dotted around Verdansk.

If you do these things, you'll never find yourself short of the money you need to buy whatever you want. 

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Published Jun. 19th 2020

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